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The Historical Evolution Of Canvas Shoes
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Canvas shoes are lightweight and are one of the best options, whether traveling or exercising. Canvas sneakers have a long history. As early as 16th century, ordinary Europeans made a "felt shoe" similar to a canvas shoe. 19th century, a lot of ordinary people in Europe, has begun to put on, sail cloth plastic soles shoes.

But the natural rubber has its characteristic, the hot day soft is too soft, cold weather hard to crack easily.

The modern canvas rubber soled shoes are produced by industrialized production, American inventor Goodyear, in 1839 and a lot of technical staff, workers, together to create a "rubber vulcanization process", so that natural rubber hardening, which makes canvas shoes can be more affordable, can be more affordable to people. In the the 1960s, the cheap and rugged of canvas shoes made it, like jeans, a symbol of teenage rebellion and hippie spirit. In the classic film "Graduates", in addition to Simon and Garfunkel band's "Sound of Silence," is Dustin Hoffman's feet that pair of light brown canvas sneakers. The Beatles (The Beatles) in the film "Yellow Submarine", but also for designers to get inspiration, began to doodle on canvas shoes.

The uppers became the canvas, with the design elements, and the canvas shoes immediately turned to fish, and the sports equipment became art. Later, China's double star, resilience and so on brand of canvas shoes have also made a very good development.

Quality is stable. Until 20th century 70, 80 's two World War after the boom recovery on the peak, a variety of sporting events flourish, canvas shoes heat has cooled. Because of this, 20th century 60-80 years, the establishment of the sports shoes manufacturers, some popular shoe also have canvas shoes, including: Bonny, Vance, and so on, each different logo symbol printed on the surface of the shoe. The retro heat of the early 21st century has also allowed these brands to revive or remain bullish.

In the existing elements to add a sense of fashion design, is the most personalized fashion taste, canvas shoes are no longer just "canvas" shoes, horsehair, leather, suede, denim Danningbu, corduroy, etc. are applied to them.

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