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Suggestions On The Collocation Of Canvas Shoes
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Contradictory romantic: The girl must snow spinning dress in spring and summer, with canvas shoes to guide back to the neutral, lively route, with colorful pantyhose or half socks also have the finishing touch of the effect.

City yuppie: starched suit with leather canvas shoes, especially dark color, imitation of the old paragraph is preferred.

Casual Cowboy: Canvas shoes and jeans most suitable, especially narrow tube small straight leg.

Pretty sports girl, pocket skirt with high barrel or extra high boots-type canvas shoes, but pick people wear, slim long legs most suitable.

How to build all the sails shoes, the only taboo is to collapse pants, because the canvas shoes narrow, flat, can not afford the visual almost fell down the pants, but like a small foot-top-heavy.

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