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Methods Of Maintenance Of Canvas Shoes
- Aug 10, 2018 -

① wet the shoes with warm water, not for a long time. If possible, put a little vinegar in it (preferably white vinegar).

② use transparent soap or detergent to brush shoes, preferably with a soft brush.

③ must rinse clean, especially with detergent washing shoes, brush the best use of clear blisters for a period of time.

④ use toilet paper to wrap up the shoes, to let the cloth place all packs on the toilet towel, puts in the cool ventilated everywhere to dry can 、、、 ⑤ after cleaning, ventilation and cool place to dry, do not put in the sun or high temperature in the local baking, to prevent the withdrawal of gum or degumming, accelerated aging.

⑥ non-professional rubber shoes do not contact with acid, alkali, salt and other chemical substances to avoid corrosion degumming deformation.

⑦ Cleaning when the force should be gentle and uniform, not hard to brush, so as to avoid short-term or brush off the pattern and decorative parts of the shoe body.

⑧ avoid contact with sharp sharp objects to prevent scratches on the upper shoe body.

⑨ for white canvas shoes, do not contact with difficult to clean things such as carbon ink. This color of canvas shoes after cleaning, in the upper, shoe body coated with toothpaste or white chalk powder, pay attention to even. After washing cool dry, can prevent discoloration. Or find two white clean paper on the surface of the shoes, dry and tear off can also prevent discoloration.

⑩ shoes have broken down, drop lines or loose decorative parts and other minor problems should be sent to repair in time to extend its service life.

For Khan Yan heavy friend, before putting on shoes can spray a bit of vinegar in the shoe first, can reduce the stink. Another canvas shoes should be regularly cleaned to prevent moldy stink.

Do not use washing machine wash, some people think that the canvas shoes, price and low, lazy hand wash.

Do not realize that the body of the decorative cloth and shoes are not the same, washing with washing machine is easy to fall off and fade.

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