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Guide To Purchasing Sports Shoes
- Aug 10, 2018 -

1: It is best to choose from three o'clock in the afternoon to six o'clock shoes, because the feet will be slightly inflated at this time, if the selected size does not feel small, the other time of day wearing also no problem. Stand and try because the feet are slightly bigger when standing.

Try to wear not only to look at the mirror to buy, must go back and forth a few steps, carefully feel the stability and size of shoes is appropriate.

2:Test shoes with a clean socks, easy to test shoes when wearing off, to avoid the test of the shoes appear sweat stains in the embarrassment.

3: About 2/3 of the people two feet are not the same size, remember which one is short, try the shoes with both feet to try to wear. Choose the shoes with a slightly larger foot.

Can not simply according to the shoe number to choose shoes or trustees to buy, we must try to wear, because to the last head, style or brand models of different standards, the specific size of shoes will also have differences.

4:Feet can also have thermal expansion and contraction as the seasons vary, so when you buy summer discount shoes in the winter, you try to wear the right size and the summer is probably a little bit smaller.

5: The ideal size is at least: 10 toes can be freely movable in the shoe, have the comfortable padding and the moderate interior space; the curvature of the soles and feet is very well fitted, ankle bones and toes can not touch the shoes, the front foot to have a certain degree of activity, if the toe of the shoe when the heel and the shoe after the help to reach a finger between the distance,

This is the right size, the heel of the soles of the shoe on the surface should be very good to stick to the heel, walking can not slip to slide, from the top down to see the bow of the foot and the shoes of the central radian is consistent, confirm the tightness of the foot circumference is appropriate.

6:Do not allow your feet to fit into a pair of shoes that are not the same size because of the temptation of the season's discount or really like it. The size of too small shoes even if worn longer, to a large extent is also limited, a temporary foot scenery may cause corns, blisters, foot pain, leg pain, back pain and a series of illnesses.

7: If the shoes in front of you dream of the design, near perfect radian, exudes the most fashionable color light, reasonable price, you simply love it at first sight.

Unfortunately, the material is not good, advised you or choose to pass it.

8:Check the leather quality of the shoes, not in the shoes on both sides of the shoe, choose the best touch on both sides of the leather material, to see whether the thickness is uniform.

9:Choose soft and flexible soles to spread the impact evenly.

10:Generally speaking, the comfortable collocation is: the higher the heel, the wider the trousers, the shorter the heel, the narrower the trousers.

11:Choose shoes that are slightly darker than the skin tone, and will look taller than the legs.

12:If you like, we recommend that you choose a shoe that is close to your skin-color laces.

13:Choose to have a scientific foot bow design of sports shoes, reduce the ground from the body's reaction, balance the foot force, so that the foot bow at three points under the neutral state of stress, reduce foot fatigue, increase the body motor function.

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