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The Dress Of The Boots
- Aug 10, 2018 -

In fact, people usually wear boots like wearing skirts, but what kind of skirt with what kind of boots is better? A few suggestions: the heavier the boots, the more it should be lighter. A flat boot is best fitted with a thin skirt. High heel boots are best fitted with skirts that are tightly wrapped or forked. There is a ratio problem, the wider the skirt, the more flat the heel of the boots. The narrower the skirts, the higher the boots, the longer the skirts, the more flat the boots. Of course, there is no rigid rules, trousers can sometimes be very good with boots, such as wearing male trousers, should trim the bottom boots, wearing narrow trousers is the most suitable for the long boot. Ideally, a piece of skin should be left in the middle of the skirt and boots, with medium stockings or opaque stockings when wearing a pair of boots.

With the dark color of the autumn costumes, will decorate the extraordinary fashion sense.

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