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What needs to be paid attention to when choosing a girl's shoes in an interview?
- Aug 10, 2018 -

It is polite to wear black or dark shoes, high heel or medium heel leather shoes, not to be empty, not to be exposed toe. The general principle is to harmonize with the whole, in color and style to match the clothing.

Do not wear long and pointed heels, heel shoes is the best choice, both strong and can reflect the dignity of professional women.

What should be paid attention to when wearing an interview:

Cleaning, women in the interview can be a little bit of makeup, so that people feel neat and elegant dignified, hair do not cover the eyes, ears, can be tied up as far as possible, appear to be particularly energetic.

Clothes, girls can choose the style of clothes more, more flexible, as long as it is not too tight too dew, collar too low, can be paired.

Shoes, shoes can choose high heel shoes, should not be too high, too high when walking may not be very stable. If you want to go with stockings and the like, pay attention to check whether there are holes in stockings.

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