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Purchase guide for flat shoes
- Aug 10, 2018 -

Flat shoes are a lot of little fairy love style, because comfortable enough, whether to go to work or shopping are not any pressure, but a lot of sister paper will also feel that flat bottom shoes do not show high, as the heels so there is a woman's taste, so the small part of today is to share the choice of flats to buy a guide, perhaps after looking at you can choose to show the height of thin flats Oh!

There are also a lot of color choices for flats, small knitting today is mainly about the naked color or black, because the color of the most obvious leg length so it looks like from the instep is a visual extension of the legs have a sense of stretching the leg lines, and then choose as much as possible and skin color close to avoid fancy uppers.

Shoes want to be personalized to try Fisherman's shoes, Lok Fu shoes and other styles, as well as stitching upper are very good, in short, to pay attention to the naked part of a little more, exposing the area of the instep is a little larger, so that the greatest degree of thin, foot exposed more and more higher.

The end point is more mature than the round head, but also more thin, but the point of a disadvantage is to show the foot length, so not too sharp toe, will be more day-to-day. Can also choose the style of bandages, but also more suitable for concave shape, but the design of bandages should not be too complex oh, the naked color is simple and natural, not suitable for too many too complex design. Want to try flat shoes from bare-colored pointed shoe start, this is suitable for shopping and suitable for work, a very good match oh!

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